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"Give me land, lots of land - covered in garter stitch." -Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Log Cabin # 2

Here's my progress so far on my second Log Cabin blanket:

This one is for my son. It is done in colors to match his room. I'm not too sure I'm totally happy with the way that it is turning out yet. I don't think the colors mesh together quite the way I wanted. Maybe I have too many colors going on at once? As it gets bigger and there are more repeats of the colors I am liking it more - so we'll see. :)

This is in Elann Sonata again.

I know some people have been keeping the stitches live rather than casting off and picking up. I haven't done that because I really like the "put together" effect you get when you bind off and pick up stitches. I think it mimics the feel of a quilted Log Cabin better.

Moderne Blue Baby Blanket

I was working on a Moderne Baby Blanket for my 3 year old, and I liked it so much I started another. We have friends who are having a baby next week, so I interrupted the pink blanket for a blue blanket.

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For being really cheap, TLC Cotton Plus really works for baby blankets!

First Log Cabin Knitting

I began my first log cabin knitting over the weekend. I received Mason*Dixon Knitting and a new stash of sugar 'n cream cotton yarn over the weekend, and a project was born...

I've sewn the occasional log cabin square, but never done this in knitting before. It's a blast! I never thought I would want to knit a whole blanket, but I actually want to knit two. One for my daughter (this pink/orange/yellow one) and one for my son (in blues and greens, most likely).

I'm working on the second round of logs right now--I haven't decided yet whether I will go out and replace the colors as I run out, or try to work in other colors from my new stash. Either option is tempting.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Absorba--The Log Cabin Bathmat

This is my Absorba, the log cabin bathmat from MasonDixon Knitting. I ended up putting it in my kitchen, because it was too big for my little bathroom.

I couldn't find the double worsted Peaches and Creme, so I used 4 strands of Sugar and Cream in Soft Ecru, Ecru, Jute and Natural Ombre. I used size 15's (circulars). My crocs are in the corner for size comparison. It took me less than a week with lots of breaks in between.
It is very soft and thick, and it is comfy to stand on.

Novelty Yarn Baby Log Cabin

So.....I had some novelty baby lash yarn that I've been wanting to use. Loved the colors and how they looked together so I decided to try my hand at a log cabin blanket to show off the two yarns. And here it is! But just between you and me (okay.. and the other millions of knitter who every tried this) picking up stitches on this yarn is like trying to drive on a super foggy night wearing sunglasses.......almost impossible....almost. The reason that the edges look all ruffley is because I decided to crochet the border......(I just couldn't stand to pick up one more row of stitches)
Anyway after beginning the blanket I started thinking about the baby who would be using it and decided I'd best keep it small for a stroller/car type blanket. This yarn I just to furry/hairy to make a crib blanket for a baby. The long fibers could stick to the baby's nose and mouth causing breathing issues. I had a serious scare with my little guy just a few weeks after we brought him home from the hospital with a similar blanket.
So in conclusion this blanket it great for use: a) in a stroller because it doesn't drag and it's warm
b) in a car for the car seat or c) for a much older child (maybe) to sleep on.
And yes, I had a great time making it!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Log cabin keeps growing

Hello, I just joined the KAL. I read about it on the Mason Dixon KAL. The picture is my log cabin blankie. I plan on doing four more rounds of logs and then I'll be done. I try to knit at least one "log" every day or two. The "logs" have gotten sooo long and they take a good amount of time. The yarn I'm using is just Sugar & Cream.
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Surprise surprise, I actually got invite from blogger, too! Hi, I'm anastacia. I'm knitting my first ever knitted afghan (usually I crochet them) & it's a log cabin! I'm using up my stash of woolease (I'm doing the summer of stash, and that was part of my plan - to use up woolease) to make a log cabin. I have mainly oatmeal color, so I'm not sure how it'll turn up, I'm just going to knit each square until I run out of color or get bored. It'll be fun! thanks for having me!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

My Log Cabin Progress

I've actually completed a few more bars than this picture would show, but my camera is packed. I'll update soon. I have four rows of bars finished, and I think I can call it quits at six--it'll be baby blanket size then, and that's the whole point of it. I'm doing it in a million colors of KnitPicks Wool of the Andes...I WAY overbought yarn for this project. I'll be making felted bags for years to come. The WotA is inexpensive, but rough, so we'll see how well it turns out. I do love the colors though!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Moderne Log Cabin

My first Log Cabin Blanket!

This isn't the best photo - garter stitch always seems to mess with my camera, as if it doesn't really know what to focus on.

I'm still trying to decide if I should crochet a single line of border. If I did I think I would use the dark wine color or maybe the lightest bluish one - the one that isn't on any of the edge strips. What do you guys think? Border or no?

The Stats:
The Pattern: Moderne Baby Blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting
The Yarn: Elann Endless Summer Collection Sonata
2 skeins of 2138 Mauve (color A)
3 skeins of 6399 Lilac (color B)
4 skeins of 6319 Soft Periwinkle (color C)
3 skeins of 6960 Victorian Grape (color D)
The Needles: Addi Turbo Circs #5 47"
I didn't need needles that long until the last strip of the blanket though. 32" might have worked.

What I learned: I LOVE LOG CABIN BLANKETS!!! The possibilities are endless as will be the number of Log Cabin blankets you will be seeing on this blog. :) Ever since I started this blanket I have been envisioning others - different colors, different blocks, different materials. I could hardly wait to finish this one so I could get on to the next one.

I based the color scheme of this blanket on my daughter's favorite toy. This morning when I told her it was finished she grabbed it and loved on it saying "Blankie, blankie!". I have some adorable photos of that. :)

My time on this from start to finish was about two weeks. I've already started another one in a different style and color scheme.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Published Log Cabin!

I've been log-cabin-ing my little heart out...I just couldn't post about it before!
My log-cabin pillow was published in the newest edition of For the Love of Yarn!
I'd love some feedback on the design or on the clarity of instructions.
Thanks for all the inspiration!