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"Give me land, lots of land - covered in garter stitch." -Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Update

Hi Everybody...
I am on the second side of the border on my LCB. I'll wait to post a pic until it's all done. Tell me, do you need to block this? I am unsure if I should, or if you need to block everything you do? I am really new to knitting and know that you need to do it to prevent curling on scarves and flat pieces, but this blanket is not curling, I guess because it's done with the garter stitch, right?

Also, I have created a blog dedicated to what I am doing with knitting and crochet. It's pretty new, so not much on it; but I am in the process of transferring posts from one blog to the other. It's called ~Dragon Treasures~ , but I might change that name.


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