Log Cabin KAL

"Give me land, lots of land - covered in garter stitch." -Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I'll have to restart the log-cabin afghan

The log-cabin afghan has been declared 'too short'. My son said that by adding another row of squares at the bottom and one at the side, the afghan would be big enough (no garanties that he will actually use it). That means I have to knit 13 squares, undo the border and reknit that. At the rate I am knitting now, I estimate this is another month of knitting and sewing. I guess I am not yet done with this project ! I decided to use up the Rowan cotton glace I was saving for a Kaffe Fassett design.
I made a picture of the back of the afghan - you can see that the stitching is visible (I don't know what this stitch is called in English).

Thursday, October 19, 2006

promised pictures

I promised some pictures of my finished afghan. My son has just declared it 'too short'.
Yarns used in this blanket :
- Anny Blatt 'Louxor' and Anny Blatt 'Assouan' - bought in Orange (France) in the Anny Blatt factory outlet
- Rowan 'cotton glace' and '4ply cotton' - my LYS and swaps
- Scheepjeswol 'cotton 8' - a market stand somewhere in Holland
- Debbie Bliss 'wool/cotton' -swap
- unknown cotton (several shades of brown) - no label, but probably Anny Blatt or Bouton d'or (also bought in Orange)
- 4 points cottonade - a friends stash
- variegated blue cotton - bought on a cone in Pisa (Italy)
- Schachenmayer Nomotta 'blue jeans' - my LYS and ebay
- Bergère de France - Bergereine
I liked the wool/cotton best - I think it will not stretch as much as all that heavy cotton.
I know this afghan will not get used now. My son wants a longer one. Maybe I should start another ?

Saturday, October 14, 2006

the afghan is finished

My afghan is finished, knitted the border and everything ! I don't have the perfect picture to show you yet, but in the meantime you can look a this. They predict sun tomorrow, so maybe I will have a photo-opportunity then.

Friday, October 06, 2006

finished knitting

Log Cabin KAL

I finished knitting all the squares. I show you the last 4, and a possible lay-out of the afghan (minus 4). I am very pleased, but now I have to sew all this together !