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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Novelty Yarn Baby Log Cabin

So.....I had some novelty baby lash yarn that I've been wanting to use. Loved the colors and how they looked together so I decided to try my hand at a log cabin blanket to show off the two yarns. And here it is! But just between you and me (okay.. and the other millions of knitter who every tried this) picking up stitches on this yarn is like trying to drive on a super foggy night wearing sunglasses.......almost impossible....almost. The reason that the edges look all ruffley is because I decided to crochet the border......(I just couldn't stand to pick up one more row of stitches)
Anyway after beginning the blanket I started thinking about the baby who would be using it and decided I'd best keep it small for a stroller/car type blanket. This yarn I just to furry/hairy to make a crib blanket for a baby. The long fibers could stick to the baby's nose and mouth causing breathing issues. I had a serious scare with my little guy just a few weeks after we brought him home from the hospital with a similar blanket.
So in conclusion this blanket it great for use: a) in a stroller because it doesn't drag and it's warm
b) in a car for the car seat or c) for a much older child (maybe) to sleep on.
And yes, I had a great time making it!


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