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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Denim yarn

I have not been knitting much, but thinking about my log cabin blanket a lot. I am still looking for a way to incorporate the denim yarn. First my plan was to knit solid blue squares, and using them in the blanket. Now I am convinced that the 'blue' squares also need to have a small central square, that stands out. In my stash I have 2 colors of denim yarn, a very dark blue, and a light blue. I went to the yarn store, to check if this yarn also exists in cream/natural as the Rowan denim yarn. Turns out that it comes in 3 shades of blue. What I have is the dark and the medium blue. I bought an extra ball of the lightest blue. I decided to knit a square with the light and medium color. I expect it to shrink, so I knitted it on a larger needle (3mm), and made the bands a bit wider. Looks like I still need to experiment a bit, I am not convinced yet that this will work.
A new plan is emerging - why not knit a second log-cabin out of denim yarn ? If I would have my own blog, I could put the 2 buttons up!


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