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"Give me land, lots of land - covered in garter stitch." -Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Welcome to the Land O' Garter Stitch

This KAL was made for Garter Stitching Log Cabiners. It doesn't have to be an afghan. Feel free to Log Cabin away on a bathmat, a washcloth, a curtain, a rug...a log cabin sweater (hm, boxy). I'm not fond of kals with a lot of rules so I won't make this kal have many rules. Let's try to stick to Log Cabin knitting though. Go talk about your aran sweater on your own blog. Be one with the garter stitch.


Blogger Monika said...

Hi there, I've never joined a Kal before. I would like to join this Log Cabin Kal, but do not know how, so please enlighten me. Hi Abi, it's your fault I finally want to be a follower! ;o)

7:51 PM  

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